Prayer Commitment Schedule
This is a commitment to pray Mondays-Fridays. Please let us know which time frame you prefer by calling the church office or emailing  We hope to have multiple people praying at any given time.
4:00 AM
Nancy Moody
5:00 AM
Billy Joe James
Charlotte James
Lucy Justus 
Jimmy Phipps
Alan Zimmerman
6:00 AM
Phyllis Humphrey
Barbara Raymond
7:00 AM
Gail Guy
Tony Harmon
Johnny Hutchins
Diane Powers
Liz Thompson
Tal Thompson  
8:00 AM
Debbie Boyd
Mary Ruth Gray
Eddie Guy
9:00 AM
Beulah Beavers
Allen Dixon
Bettye Gilreath
Bro. Paul Thompson
10:00 AM
Joan Calhoun
Donna Whisman 
11:00 AM
Tammie Harmon
Juanita Hicks
12:00 PM
Mary Ruth Gray
1:00 PM
Clay Gamble
Sheila Gamble
John Gentry
Nikki Stevens
2:00 PM
Sharon Goodman
Ron Smallwood
Sandy Smallwood
3:00 PM
Sylvia Rowland
4:00 PM
Betty Woosley
Tommy Woosley 
5:00 PM
Sharon Carter
6:00 PM
Mary Ruth Gray
7:00 PM
Gayle Compton 
8:00 PM
Sylvia Rowland 
9:00 PM
Jonathan Dixon
Monica Dixon
Connie Stipes 
10:00 PM
Susan Cox 
Beverly Estep
Tammie Harmon
Tony Harmon
Jim Miller
Sue Miller
Katherine Phipps
Peggy Phipps
11:00 PM
Bro. Andy Sweeney 
12:00 AM