Thank you all for the prayers, flowers and calls after my surgery.  Love all of you,

Benny James


Dear Tennessee Avenue Family, thank you for thinking of our family during this difficult time.  Your support and celebration of Mom’s life is so appreciated.  In Christ,

Tim, Todd, and the Osborne Family


Thank you for the phone call and the beautiful plant.  We appreciate all that you’ve done for our family.  We feel very blessed to have such a caring church!  Love in Christ,

Paul & Lois Nixon


Thank you TABC for thinking of me with beautiful spring flowers, when I had the eye procedure; they really brightened my day! Was so blessed   by the many acts of kindness shown to my family and me during my recovery, but especially the messages that said, “Praying for you.” So very thankful for our loving church family!

Sylvia Rowland


Thanks to Pastor Shane and Brother Paul for their comforting words.  Thanks also for the flower, but most of all thanks to all the members of TABC for being a friend and blessing to Harry.  Your kindness is much appreciated.  In Christ’s Love,

Bob & Linda Sproles


Thank you to everyone who offered to bring food or brought food, sent cards, called, texted, or otherwise ministered to our family during the loss of my sister-in-law, Deborah Sharp. I am so grateful to have my church, family and the support you always provide! God bless you!

Kathy Sharp

Thank you for the flowers, cards, visits and mostly your prayers.  Your expressions of love during my surgery and recovery have been priceless!  Love in Christ,

Billy Joe James