Dear Church Family, thank you very much for the thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  Your gift of flowers was beautiful.  Thank you for allowing us to borrow my brother Shane, his help was beyond measure.  Our son Timmy loved the Church and I regret that he did not have the pleasure of meeting you on this earth.  He will meet you one day and will love you.  Thank you especially for your prayers.  Please keep praying.  May God bless you.  With much love,
Kirt and Melissa Phillips

Thank you especially for the prayers offered on our behalf during our ‘bout’ with Covid19 this past month, for your cards, & for calling to check on us.  It has been a rough journey, but God has answered your prayers and we’re thankful to be on the road to recovery.  We’re grateful to be a part of the loving Christian family of TABC.

David & Joan Calhoun


My grandmother enjoyed all of her years being a part of such an incredible community!  While she wasn’t able to attend church in her later years, she always looked forward to Sundays sitting in the church pew worshipping with her brothers and sisters in Christ.  Our family wants to thank you all for your support of my grandma Betty over the years, and your support after her passing.  We want to send a special thanks to Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Beverly for your companionship you showed my grandma and to Bro. Shane and Bro. Paul for your visits and prayers.

The Booher Family